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Would You Hire Wonder Woman


Believe it or not, this was me in the summer of 1998.  After CBS canceled my television series in the late 1970s, I took some time off to consider what I wanted to do next.  I traveled, I enjoyed world class restaurants, and I picked up a few hobbies.  Revenue from merchandising was paying for a lavish lifestyle and I thought my ride would never end.

But by the early 1990s, the recession hit hard.  Not only that, but with the onset of the "grunge" movement in pop culture and music entertainment, flashy costumes were no longer in vogue.

I was a washed up superheroine.

The money didn't last much longer.  I found out I was broke when my car broke down somewhere in Oklahoma and I couldn't afford the necessary repairs.

I lived on the streets for several years after that, feeling depressed and lonely.  They have support groups for almost everything imaginable... but I learned the hard way that superheroes weren't welcome at any of them.  No one believed I was really Wonder Woman!  I can't tell you how many times I heard, "I thought Wonder Woman had black hair!"  Ready for a bombshell?  It was a wig my old manager told me to wear.  Yep, I'm a blonde.

One morning, after years of being a destitute superhero, something occurred to me.  I'M WONDER WOMAN!  I HAVE GIRL POWER!  I picked myself up and determined to once again to make something of myself!  I started marketing my services to police departments who needed a little help solving their cases.  I put up posters around school playgrounds offering my assistance to do something about America's bully problem.  I even took wrestling classes at Nightmare Ken Wayne's School of Professional Wrestling and make myself available to wrestling organizations who need a pro wrestler with girl power!

Need a superhero?  Look no further!  I'm ready and willing to go to work!  What are you waiting for?  Order me today!



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