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If you're reading this webpage, you're probably considering hiring a superhero to take care of matters that have gotten out of hand.  May I steer you away from the superheroes you might be considering and steer you toward a superheroine!  That's right, look no further - I'm experienced and available for any assignment you might throw my way!  No job is too small (or too large).  I can help with all manner of tasks including:

~ Stopping Schoolyard Bullies

~ Helping Police Departments Apprehend Criminals

~ Roughing People Up (who need a good roughing up)

~ Collecting Past Due Debts

~ General Intimidation

~ Interrogations

~ Bodyguard Responsibilities

~ Fighting Evildoers

~ Retail Security

~ Housesitting Responsibilities


I always recommend that you try settling your issues on your own.  But when things escalate and it becomes clear that you need a little Girl Power to help you out of a jam, I'm your girl!

So go ahead and give me a try!  No superhero or superheroine is cheap - but I think you'll find that I'm well worth the price!  And besides, I look great in action!

Wonder Woman Wrestling
Hire me for a Wrestling Match!

In addition to being an ordinary superheroine, I've also been trained by legendary pro wrestler "Nightmare" Ken Wayne and current TCW wrestling star Alan Steel.  I've available to any wrestling organization that needs a wrestler with girl power!

My wrestling skills have been showcased on television broadcasts worldwide and I've never lost a match. I'm also available for boxing and arm wrestling.

What are you waiting for?  Order me today!

And please take a moment to watch my video (below):


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